Curriculum Vitae


May 2012 ~ Present:  Graphics Software Engineer
                                    Visual and Parallel Computing Group, Intel Corporation, CA, USA
Aug. 2006 ~ April 2012: Graduate Research Assistant
                                    Purdue University Rendering & Perceptualization Laboratory

                                   School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, IN, USA

Aug. 2010 ~ Nov. 2010: Research and Development Graduate Fulltime Internship

                               Internet Graphics Group, Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing, China
                               Mentor: Dr. Shixia Liu

Sept. 2000 ~ Aug. 2006: Research Engineer

                                Computer Graphics Research Team, Digital Contents Research Division,
                                Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Daejeon, KOREA



Aug. 2006 ~
May. 2012
  Ÿ Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA
 - Ph.D. in Electrical Computer Engineering (Major Area: Computer Engineering)
  - Thesis: Context-adaptive Illustrative Visualization and Analytics Techniques
  - Advisor: Dr. David S. Ebert
Mar. 1998 ~
Ÿ Chung-Ang University, Seoul, KOREA (South)
  - M.S. in Computer Science & Engineering (Major Area: Computer Graphics)
  - Thesis: A Study on Radiosity Acceleration Technique based on Hemicube Algorithm
  - Advisor: Dr. KyungHyun Yoon
  Mar. 1994 ~
Ÿ Chung-Ang University, Seoul, KOREA (South)
  - B.S. in Computer Science & Engineering
  - Thesis: A Survey on Online Character Recognition
  Graduate Fulltime Internship: Microsoft Research Asia (Aug. ~ Nov. 2010)
Aug. ~ Nov. 2010
  Ÿ Temporal visualization of a large scale of text data
     - Research and development of a temporal visualization technique for a large amount of textual data
    - Overview using stacked graph and temporal event view based on event Importance


Graduate Research: Ph.D. (Aug. 2006 ~ April 2012)
Nov. 2011 ~
April 2012

  Ÿ TRIP: Travel Response Investigative Profiler
    - Development of an individual's movement data visualization and visual analytics system based on geocoding and map visualization techniques to provide various spatiotemporal cues on a single map


Feb. 2010 ~
Feb. 2012


Ÿ Bristle Map: A Multivariate Abstraction Technique for Geovisualization
    - Research and development of an interactive visual encoding paradigm for multi-dimensional data while focusing on overcoming issues in over-plotting and clutter

Jan. 2010 ~
Mar. 2011

Ÿ Indoor Routing Visualization for Multi-floor Buildings on Mobile Devices
  - Research and development of interactive 2D/3D visualization methods for indoor routing in a multi-floor building on mobile devices (iPhone/iPad)


Nov. 2008 ~
Aug. 2010

Ÿ Technology Assisted Dietary Assessment
  - Development of image based dietary assessment applications on mobile devices (iPhone, HTC phone, Nokia N810/N900 Internet Tablet)

Sept. 2007 ~ Feb. 2010

Ÿ Illustrative Visualization
  - Research and development of 2D/3D stippling algorithm using textures synthesized by examples
   - Research and development of 2D directional stippling using isophotes
Aug. 2007 ~ Oct. 2008
  Ÿ Novel Presentation Methods for Technical Data
  - Research and development of context-preserving visualization methods for large schematic and wiring diagrams
    - User study with engineering students and maintenance  
    personnel using aircraft diagrams

Aug. 2006 ~ July 2007


  Ÿ Mobile Visual analytics for Emergency Response and Training
- Research and development of visualization and visual analytics methods on mobile devices (i.e., Dell Axim X51v, Sprint PCS Vision smartphone PPC-6700, OQO 02) with deployment of fire evacuation and rescue operation use cases


Research Engineer (Sept. 2000 ~ Aug. 2006)
Jan. 2005 ~ Aug. 2006
  Ÿ Development of Non-Photorealistic Animation Technology
  - Development of integrated 3D non-photorealistic
   rendering techniques (cartoon, hatching, and sumie)

Jul. 2003 ~
Dec. 2004
  Ÿ Development of S/W for production of digital contents with high realism
  - Development of image-based lighting techniques 
   using high dynamic range images (HDRI)
  - Development of HDRI shaders (MentalRay and


Jan. 2003 ~
Jun. 2003

Ÿ Development of 3D Engine for PDA
  - Development of 2D/3D engine and pilot games for Samsung PDA (funded by Samsung Electronics)
    - Development of rendering engine and a 3D puzzle game

Sept. 2000 ~ Dec. 2002
  Ÿ The Networked Virtual Reality
  - Development of image-based interactive relighting for 
   virtual reality environment
  - Development of a Java3D based VRML97 browser

  Graduate Research: Master (Mar. 1998 ~ Sept. 2000)
Jan. ~ Sept. 2000
  Ÿ Non-Photorealistic Rendering: Color Paper Mosaic Rendering
  - Development of a color paper mosaic technique emulating hand-made paper mosaic by using a layered color paper model and Perlin's noise for paper texture generation.

Mar. 1998 ~ Dec. 1999
  Ÿ Simulation of Global Illumination by Radiosity
  - Research and development of an accelerated formfactor algorithm for Radiosity using a geodesic dome as a combination of hemicube and hemisphere methods.

Other fun work
  Ÿ Ray tracing 
  - Development of ray tracer including reflection and refraction (CPU version)



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